10 things that bug me… and 10 others that I love

10 things that bug me:
1- rainy weekend…it ruined my skating plans
2- work meeting on Friday 3 p.m. (everyone is tired, and thinking about the weekend)
3- drive in the middle of a storm (can´t see anything, it´s dangerous, and takes hours to be at home)
4- people asking you out without telling when (couldn´t be more specific?)
5- lack of time (I have lots to study and no time for it!)
6- miss out a lot of parties ( I love talking to my friends!)
7- back aching
8- spend carnival reading instead of dancing samba
9- envy (that´s mean and cruel, why don´t these people have a life?)
10- swim (that sucks!)

And 10 things that make my day:
1- dance
2- skating
3- drink a great wine
4- chocolates
5- trendding shops
6- unexpected gifts
7- a get together that works
8- find another sport to practice
9- movies
10- sunny weather

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