Hey you! Have a life!!

This is for a stupid guy whose fun is try to push me around: f… you!!
Did you notice you are unable to finish anything you started? Lazy people are just like you: illiterate in English, although you were sent to the same school; can´t play any chord at the guitar… and think you have the right of criticizing me? Please shut up!!
I know, it must be hard to find your way…I won poetry contests, math olympics, passed exams on great college, I do well what I like: dance, skate, know a lot about wines, visit great places and travel a lot. You are an ex-soccer player, who hates walking and all you do is sit, eat and play ps or new Iphone apps!! It´s time to grow up, you´re not a kid anymore!!
All you´re getting right now is a result of what you´ve being given…think about it…and have a life!!

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