Rap #1

Not one, but more than one thousand
can take the prize out of the hand
They say they´re by our side, but they´re not for real
Say they´ve been there before, but never feel what we feel…
People here are fed up waiting for a twist of fate!
Your golden words only convice who is illiterate!
We wanna see some action , before it´s too late!
Better start this job and stop to communicate!
Lack of memory must be a contagious disease…
nobody knows anything, can you believe in this?
See, we´re not haitians, neither swiss.
Ready to fight, though we´d prefer the peace.
Most have a few cents just for bread and tea
and sees one man of yours spendind cash on Romanée Conti.
Public Interests should be number the govern priority
but maybe there´s only  time for selfish politic policy…
Hey what´s up?
We won´t give up
till the world get up
we´ll keep up
fighting with the head up
lazy one, if you´re not dead
please stand up!!!
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