What I really hate about games…

Let me tell he´s not a mistery anymore:
Boy meets girl and he found she is more than dreams
In fact, the girl is already a woman who wants more
And now she is openned for new beginnings…
He shows off, cause he´s  just too scared to lose.
And he doesn´t even know how to keep her!!!
But she´s already given up
Tired of foolish games, little lies, childish plays…
She looked around and saw smart choices!!
She doesn´t give a damn to what he says!!
There are another interesting voices
claiming for her attention.
When another man starts to come closer
what does he do?
Well, if he´s not into her, he should leave them alone…
But the clown, in a goofy way,
stands between them.
My dog wouldn´t do worse…
And then I saw the sign: dealing with a child
won´t take me to the place I wanna go…
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