Life won´t wait

Life doesn´t wait for us….it changes everyday, in every possible way. It runs fast…
I was just wipping some tears of range and then a brand new project just came out. Let´s start all over!!!
Gave a chance to an angel, fine and sweet, living in a smoke cloud…I´m a bit more daily, sporty…Whatever, maybe it wasn´t meant to be. I´m beautiful and free…but I´m not on sale!!
Now I´m willing to have a nice vacation, and it´s what I´m looking for. It´s hard to find the best place to go and the best prices…but it´s also fun…
Nobody and nothing an stop my dreams…I may be sick, with a strong headache but it can´t beat me.
SOme parties coming…maybe I won´t have time for dance rehearsals…let´s see if it´s worth continue it.
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