Where, oh where, have the smart good guys gone?

I know it happens everyday, but it´s too sad  hearing about another love story´s end. It´s even worse when it happens to one of my best friends.
We spent the day thinking about what men want…well, I think the main question is: where do the right guys go?
I don´t think they go out in groups, though I believe they have interests, such as soccer, motocycle, movies, cooking, wines, rock, whatever…
Must be a disease, those who are afraid of commitment. But if it was contagious, there wouldn´t be so many people getting married (I went in 2 weddings last year, have 3 this year).
Relationship success are not correlated to the way you have met each other…
Some people met love at college, in the club or online. Others had a help of cupid friends.
What about meeting by chance? It´s the most difficult, but it is the most romantic, too.
I´m a bit fed up with short stories, I want a novel…maybe best seller style. The story starts with the willing. Make a wish, universe demmands? I hope so.
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