Nice party yesterday…Strolling around today!

Drove my mamma and her friend to the shopping center… then to the market, then to the Coffee Shop, tiring morning.
Received a moaning on msn:"you´re going around bushes, don´t have time for me, are never avaible…you´re bad….blablabla".First of all: I told him of my plans and my short time…guess it was selfish and mean from him not to understand and try to make his part…anyway…
My grandma´s 80th birthday was a success, my cousins made a great job with balloons , talked a lot, received some messages…
Grandma asked how was my godmother, she didn´t know she´s just passed away…
My aunts think I look 7 years younger, that´s good news,lol!The combo nice food + exercises made a good job, I can´t complain…but definetly Wanna go back to gym, really need to workout!!
Woke up fast and started my study.
After a boring morning of hard studing, decided to have lunch and then visit a museum…The restaurant I chose was closed and I refused to go to Mac Donalds. Changed my way and entered in a nice place, ate quiche+salad, drank iced tea, and saw an interesting guy, handsome one really.
He was french, and was talking to a friend (Perhaps a boyfriend, who knew?lol). Very elegant person, beautiful smile…hope he´s straight. I will probably be back to check if he´s always there…Laughed: I´d never see such apolo at Mac´s…
The museum had a giant queue….oh I can´t stand it… if I stay there, I´d see only heads in front of the art objects…and I wanna take a good look at Vik´s art, I wonder how he had the idea of making beautiful things from garbage… Left a message for my friend telling I gave up waiting on the line, and took the bus back to my home.
At the grocery, there was serving some nice wines, chocolates…yumy!!
Let´s call it a day, with some surprises on it…
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