Winter ´n´ work

If that was an essay I´d say let´s call it a day…
It was only 4 days, but I learnt a lot about myself (my needs, my aims, my pros and against, how to be a better person).It´s good to feel you´re special, it makes me feel alive. When we´re talking about relationship, I´m afraid that´s not enough. I need to know I´m not dancing alone.
I was blessed with the power of seeing what´s inside people´s heart. Maybe I didn´t get it at first sight, but it would soon be revealed for me, without any effort.
How it can be? Well, it´s easy to catch a player or a liar: the difference between them is the liar tells something and does another thing while the player says the same things to everybody. Can´t say who´s the worst.
Sixth sense? Magic? Cleverness? I prefer to believe it´s an angel protecting me. Good hearts like mine deserves the same goodness, I won´t run for second best.
I´ll be really busy the following weeks, so maybe I´ll only have time for reading my e-mails…posts maybe only on spring, lol!
Hard work, sleepness nights, the chance is one in a million? But it depends on me, only me, what is easier!!
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