Things an aspirin can´t solve…and attitudes that made me feel better

Having a car being stuck by another car is a horrible thing, and it is worse when the bad driver is a jerk! He ran, I was faster: called security, my lawyer and set fire in the circus! The guard talked to the rude guy and he turned into a gentleman (why don´t they  respect a woman even when they are wrong?). Hope to get over this headache soon…
I couldn´t eat and didn´t sleep a wink (my nerves were killing me…and decided not to go out this weekend to save money)…woke up late and missed the end of the class in order to start the process in the insurance…no use! Bad start…
But something happened : received  a pair of staring eyes on me (will he keep just watching me? talk!!!) that made my morning happy…
Hope Monday I receive more great news!!
Tomorrow may be even brighter than today…
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