Babies, Dogs, Tests…

Met Dany´s daughter, Lara! She´s so sweet and calm…the baby slept in my arms, which proves I can be a good mother,lol! Sheik, her dog, "talks" to her father , it was very funny…maybe it´s a bit needing of caresses cause now the baby´s got all the attention…Saturday, class had nothing special…took hour to get home and then had the stupid idea of wachting Marley and me…cried a river…felt miserable, started to shake, could not help it, Kenon ran and tried to calm me down, as if it´s trying to say:"hey, don´t worry, I´m here! See?".Most people don´t understand why dogs and humans are friends…but the author of the book explaint that while we need big houses, fancy cars, label clothes to be happy, they need food, water and love…just give your heart and they will give theirs.

Called Marcela and we met some friends of hers in a restaurant…we talked a lot and had fun… missed boys!

Today I was supposed to be in a birthday, but a visit of some relatives ´made me stay at home, the hours ran and it was too late to meet then in the bar…so I gave up going out…

This week I have to plan my carreer and make up my mind, too many projects, have to choose the best and make my priorities…hard work times!!!


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