I´m not snobbish, just need to write in English… Otherwise I´ll lose everything I´ve learnt…

I really enjoy typing in English, it´s my way of practising grammar, vocabulary…
Some might say I´m thinking I´m the bee knees, say anything! I do need English, don´t wanna trhow away my FCE and TOEFL…. Isn´t enough losing my pronouciation?
And sometimes I make mistakes, but who doesn´t?
That´s my blog, and I write if I want to, party if I want to, cry if I want to…you would do it too if that had happened to you!!
I haven´t written an essay for ages!! I hardly know economic terms,it´s specific vocabulary… Meanwhile, I have laws to know by heart, counts to solve as fast as I can, a whole new world of knowledge, totally different of my College Skills. I´m not moaning, I love to learn, and when I keep up the teacher, it´s even better!
Nowadays, my time is composed by my job, my reading, my friends, my family, my study….where can I fit a guy I can call my own?
Well, I think whether he´s the one, I´ll surely find tme for dating…and all I´m asking is "please, take me as I am, I´m in a personal  growth  project and want to get there as soon as possible, which means I probably won´t go party every weekend…"
Who would fit my lifestyle and place his bets? Maybe a man whose project is similar to mine, or is as busy as I am right now, but longs to settle down.
My friends had just gave up the course…I´m by myself, lol, let´s make more friends, it´s never enough!
I´m here staring at my new party dress, perhaps I´ll wear it tonight, the weather is getting cold.
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