Not everything I wanted, but everything I needed

2008 was a roller coaster, ups and downs!
Made new friends, kept in touch with old friends, found out some weren´t real friends. Some showed me how selfish they were, others made mean gossips, tried to push me down…in the end, I won!!!
Studied hard and passed in 2 exams, now I´m waiting for nomination…And I´m going ahead because my goals are more than these!! Little by little I´m gonna get it!
Flirted a lot, date a little, but Mr. Rigth ain´t came.
Learnt a lot about wines, and now I know how to dance samba!!
Went to some parties, had fun with my real friends, solved some problems…don´t mess with fire!
My wish list for 2009:
My family and friends surrounding  me
Have a nice boyfriend
Work for government
Have a place to call my own
Travel to Europe, Punta del Este, Patagonia, Egipt or Dubai
Have a happy new year!!
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