Parties on!!

I love party: birthday, wedding, wellcome, happy hour…
Christmas has lost its meaning since my grandparents passed away, long time ago (now it´s me my bro, parents and dog!)…when the whole family where in their place…I was the only girl among boys and maybe that´s the reason I learnt their behaviour.
Though I wasn´t given the gift of guessing somebody else´s feelings, I recognize when love´s in the air, mostly when I´m not envolved…because when the person falling is me, oh my God!! I freeze, my natural high desappears my hands get cold…and I stop talking…can´t help it!
That´s why I prefer to notice the guy´s interest first…to check up whether we have things in common, including feelings, of course!!
Let´s things naturally go to the point! Leave fate take care of it!!
Otherwise, I have a trip to go, gotta have fun!!
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