11 days to 2009!!

This year was hard… Faced the  jeaulousy, studied hard and passed the exams!! Waiting for the calling!! Keep breathing, girl!
Many things made me feel deadly tired: tired of doing everything for ev eryone at home and still hearing them complainings… Gonna take care of myself and of my stuff from now on…that´s enough! Fed up with being too comprehensive…it´s my way or the highway!
Meeting new people is good, love to learn and get in touch with different people…If I met the man of my dreams, I was too busy to recognize him among all men. I need a very clear message, hate guessing! Flirting meanwhile…
I don´t want my New Year´s trip to become a disaster (it has chances for misunderstanding)…all I wanna do is lay down on the beach, catch sun, bathe in the sea, have fun and read a lot!! Nobody can stop me!!
Tomorrow I´ll start to pack my bags!!
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