Momento Pink: queria ter escrito isto!!!

It’s gonna take a long time to love

It’s gonna take a lot to hold on

It’s gonna be a long way to happy, yeah

Left in the pieces that you broke me into

Torn apart but now I’ve got to

Keep on rolling like a stone

Cause it’s gonna be a lo

ng long way to happy


   tried so hard to be funny and nice

I tried so hard to be sugar and spice

Didn’t work for me

Got old quickly

But now I’m not losing sleep at night

No one’s calling me on the telephone

To see if I’m at home

Cause now I’ve got everything that I have ever wanted or so it seems

Yeah so it seems yeah

You don’t

Have to

Like me


I’ve got money now

I don’t care

What you say

About me


I’ve got money now


So I’ll cash my checks and place my bets

And hope I’ll always win

Even if I don’t I’m ***ked because

I live a life of sin

But it’s alright

I don’t give a damn

I don’t play your rules I make my own


I’ll do what I want

Cuz I can

You know I’m rare

You stop and stare

You think I care

I don’t

You talk real loud

But you ain’t saying nothing cool

I could fit your whole house in my swimming pool

My life’s a fantasy

That you’re not smart enough to even dream

My ice is making me freeze

You can try and try you can’t beat me

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